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OUR two best solutions for dividing offices and separating spaces are Everblocks modular building blocks and Everpanels temporary walling systems. Each product has their own pros and cons but are both extremely sturdy, simple and are tool free when it comes to putting the walls together. They also can interlock and connect together to make an Everblock-panel fusion if you are really enthusiastic about getting the best of both worlds.

Everpanels can be used anywhere you need a quick and easy walling solution

Everpanel is really so versatile for its uses. Even right now in the middle of a worldwide pandemic you can be using Everpanels for Social Distancing Wall and Space Solutions. It is obviously used for temporary walling, partitioning and dividers screens for areas such as the open plan Office, Workplace, Factory, Warehouse, Industrial Unit and Retail spaces. As well as that now the art world can now create temporary  Exhibition and Pop Up Art Galleries using the Everpanels to create easy fit galleries and temporary art exhibition and display walls.

Please feel free to contact us to help discuss your project or idea you have in mind as soon as you have a sketch and/or some dimensions.

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EverPanel walls can be dismantled, moved to another location, re-built and reconfigured as your needs change

check out these Everpanels being used in schools for better learning

As well as Everblocks and Everpanels we can provide the perfect partition for your large space

Dividers-Cubicles-Partitions are the perfect solution if you are looking fr a quicker way to divide your space, within minutes you can put your divider into action. All of our 360 partitions and office cubicles kits and are of the finest quality.

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