Exhibition Design


Exhibition stand and shell scheme creation

EverPanel is ideal for backdrops, exhibition shells schemes, art display walls and to create a customize-able and reconfigurable exhibition stands. Use EverPanel walls to create interior office or storage rooms at trade events as well as for exhibition walls and perimeter walling. Add adhesive backed vinyl printed labels to customize the look and feel of your stand or display.


  • Exhibition Stands
  • Interlocking Displays
  • Shell Schemes
  • Modular Exhibitions
  • Backdrops and display walls
  • Exhibition Meeting Rooms


Using EverPanels you can build portable back walls, display stands, display hoardings, exhibition PODs, shell schemes, dividing walls, meeting rooms and much more. Add removable graphics to create stunning and visually amazing walls and display areas. Visualexperiances can be easily created without the need for tools or intricate aluminium frame and panels

With EverPanels® you can build nearly any size trade modular show booth and create corporate branding solutions that are limited only by your imagination.

Blue Everpanels
Blue Everpanels
Orange Everpanel
Orange Everpanel
Dark Grey Everpanel
Dark Grey Everpanel

Need different sized interlocking display panels for different exhibitions or shows? No problem. EverPanel is modular, so you can reconfigure your display as necessary for the specific venue or exhibition.

Because of EverPanels unique modular design, you can transport your exhibition stands or display rooms and portable exhibits compactly and efficiently, minimizing shipping costs. 

We offer rental and sale of a variety of size panels that , allowing you to creat eexactly what you need to meet your event needs. REmovable, REuseable graphics are also available to help you match team or corporate colors and achieve your desired effect. 

EverPanels is lightweight enoughto be moveable and reconfigure easily, yet it isdurable enough to support TVs and other items using our specially designed brackets Hang signage and other finishing materials from our walls as needed (proper construction is required).

For an exciting visual effect, or to spice up your display, adhere our REmovable and REuseable printed graphics material to your stand again and again.

EverPanels and Our EverGraphics Combine to create amazing results !

Build Trade Show Booths In Any Color Or Size

Also need exhibit flooring?

Check out our modular interlocking flooring systems, available in 16 colors and 4 wood patterns.

Build custom displays that capture the essence of your brand

Create Enticing Retail Displays and Store Fixtures

EverBlock is perfect for creating unique retail displays and for building customized store fixtures.  Easily design tables, columns, display plinths, sales counters, display walls, backdrops, and nearly anything you might need for a retail store space. 

Create spectacular exhibits that can be illuminated with LED lights

Create colorful custom displays that are modular, easy to reconfigure and attractive

Build out retail spaces with modular display units that can be adjusted and reconfigured as needed. 

Displays and Exhibits Limited Only By Your Imagination

With so many possible configurations, what type of pop-up display or exhibit you build is up to you. No matter what you build, your modular display is always re-configurable, always stores and ships compactly, is incredibly durable, and can be used outdoors or indoors.

You can add shelving units in various sizes to your EverBlock® modular trade show booth and can even hang objects from the wall.
Add graphics and create unique, eye-catching elements to your trade show display
Build illuminated displays that grab attention
Add LED light strips to EverBlock to create dramatic exhibits
Build welcome desks and other counters. Photo courtesy of EverBlock's Japanese agent.
Compliment your display with attention grabbing EverBlock furniture.
Create beautiful reconfigurable podiums that are modular and expandable
Use EverBlock for conferences, presentations, and other trade show uses. Photo courtesy of EverBlock's Japanese agent.
Create funky retail displays that can be reconfigured
Add drama and excitement to any exhibit booth
Create exciting retail displays for exhibitions, pop-up stores, and high-end retail store.
Add shelving, video displays, and create storage and cabinets
Use in conjunction with existing trade show backdrops.
Build booth shells and then add vinyl printed graphics to create beautiful custom displays
Create eye-catching seating for trade shows and exhibits
Create attractive display plinths and pedestals for retail displays.
Build colorful attractive displays in 17 standard colors
Use EverBlock to design eye-catching trade show displays that grab attention and draw visitors in.
Create unique structures and builds for trade show booths, exhibit booths, and retail displays
Create backdrops, display plinths, sales tables, and pony wall at your next exhibit
Create oversized and impactful displays that break down and transport on pallets.

Use EverBlock to create simple platforms (see green platform in back), backdrops, and tables/counters of all sizes and shaped. Note illuminate accent in table and back wall. 


Use EverBlock® to construct moveable wall panels for art exhibition walls, art display panels, and art gallery walls.   EverBlock sections connect easily in any length, width, height, or configuration required, and can then be demounted as needed and stored for future use.

EverBlock art show walls can support the weight of heavy artwork and paintings and are designed to be free standing or to be connected to each-other at right angles as is desired for the design of the show.   Select crisp White, or other colored walls to create the perfect backdrop for your artwork or choose from 15 standard colors for a more dramatic effect.  Art display walls are available for purchase or rental as needed. 

Create amazing temporary gallery walls for displaying art and customize your design for each venue or event site. 

Create amazing demountable walls that convey the essence of your brand and provide a dramatic backdrop for events, facilities, and retail spaces. 

Contact us for a free consultation and quote. We have CAD capabilities and can help you design your display