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Versare - Portable Partitions

A bit about us: We are a specialist supplier of intelligent space utilising products including Portable Room Dividers, Mobile Partitions, Privacy Screens and Temporary Walls. Each product is designed to make better use of existing spaces or to create new spaces for multiple requirements.

Everything is customizable and made to the size you need as well as any other requirements. We also pride ourselves on giving our customers the best quality partitions and help we can.

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Keep the most important thing safe - the people

Sneeze guards help people to avoid the droplets of bacteria that will most likely transmit the virus. To add to that they are also a visual sign from the company that their workers safety comes first.

They reinforce social distancing rules even if people may forget at times, our sneeze guards are there to remind them that to keep safe they must keep distanced. As an added benefit they may also be used to educe the reliance on masks in the workplace to increase comfort, but only if there is sufficient ventilation and it is allowed by health authorities.

Choosing the right room divider for you and your space

Choosing the right sound control furniture is key to achieving acoustic harmony in an office classroom or venue. Portable Partitions has multiple solutions that are created to suit all kinds of design and sound needs.

When choosing the right partition you should consider: Firstly the size of the space or gap to be divided (length & height), then you would need to decide on whether you would want a Portable Room Divider or an Operable Wall. Also put some thought into whether you would like your divider to be made of fabric or polycarbonate and with a folding or sliding design and if you want it to be wall mounted.

Portable Partitions

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