EverPanels in Schools and Education Facilities

Social distancing with a number of students of various ages can be a challenge for educators, but with Everpanels modular wall systems for schools, it’s both easy and cost effective to adhere to social distancing safety guidelines.

Created using lightweight modular panels which are easy to install and can be neatly packed away for storage when required, Everpanels can be customised to suit your exact space. They are an ideal solution for segregating areas such as dining rooms and cafeterias, reception areas and even teacher lounges when schools reopen until the threat of coronavirus has passed.

Multipurpose, our panels can also be utilised again and again for a variety of different applications during term time, making them an ideal temporary wall for the budget-conscious education environment.

Available in gloss white as standard, our panels can also be used for student art exhibitions, examinations, polling and voting or even as backdrops to plays and performances. The surface can be used with adhesive-backed wallpaper or similar to create a custom design.

Better still, Everpanels are easy to disinfect to safeguard students and staff against residual germs and bacteria.

Using our unique interlocking system, different sizes and shapes of panels can be interlocked with existing solid walls, making Everpanels robust enough for even the most boisterous of students and totally flexible to meet with the ever changing needs of schools, colleges and universities.