EverPanels in Business and Facilities Management

Whether you need to create a safe space for collaborative working, want an area for teams to come together to focus on a project or just need to redesign the look and flow of your current office space, then Everpanels has the answer.

Ideal for creating distinct areas for a multitude of uses, our durable, lightweight and hardwearing modular wall systems are a smart, safe and customisable solution. The panels make socially distancing a breeze and provide peace of mind for those coming back to work in busy office or retail environments, as well as those who need the flexibility that only modular walls can offer.

Using high impact polypropylene plastic with colour additive if required, our modular doors and window systems are the ideal way to adhere to the new normal without sacrificing on the functionality of your space. Thanks to smart design, they maximise natural light and improve access with ease.

Fast and easy installation can be carried out in minutes, so if you need to reconfigure your space quickly or just want to try out a new floor plan, then the only limit is your imagination with Everpanels!

Connecting to fixed existing walls or other Everpanel sections, you can customise the colour of each panel to suit your branding and even add your own artwork using mounting screws or wire hung around loops located at the top of each section.

If you want to try out a variety of modular office floorplans from the comfort of your desk, our 3D building tool can also help bring your ideas for a fresh new office space or retail area to life.

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