EverPanels for Hospitality

As our hospitality sector has been forced to find new ways of doing business due to the coronavirus, segregated areas have become the norm for many of those still working in the industry.

Everpanels has provided our products to hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses to enable them to keep staff safe and customers happy. Our modular walls for the hospitality sector offer a timely, hygienic and flexible solution to bars, restaurants and other hospitality businesses keen to get back to work and adhere to social distancing guidelines for staff and visitor wellbeing.

From blocking off dining areas for takeaway customers and separating back of house staff into smaller working groups, to creating safer reception areas in order to minimise queues, Everpanels can be put to use in a number of ways during the virus outbreak and into the future.

A perfect backdrop to private events, the sleek and modern gloss finish of each Everpanel, combined with a proprietary lug and connector system, makes setting up temporary walls fast and easy. The high gloss panels are perfect for wedding celebrations, christening and special events too with a wipe-clean finish for extra cleanliness. 

For premises that have a particular style or look they'd like to replicate using their new modular walls, Everpanels can also be covered in standard adhesive wallpaper, enduring they seamlessly blend in with an existing aesthetic.